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About Humber Grain Ltd

Humber Grain Ltd was formed in 1982 by a group of forward thinking Lincolnshire farmers seeking to gain additional value from their own produce. From this modest beginning Humber Grain now provides a marketing service throughout Lincolnshire and Yorkshire. The original concept of a low cost operation with all the proceeds from grain sales going back to the producer has always been maintained and today we have one of the lowest marketing costs of any grain group.

The structure of Humber Grain is based around our dedicated marketing agent who coordinates sampling, marketing and collection of produce from all our members. It is a streamlined operation based at Coleby near Lincoln with no centralised storage or additional services to complicate the business activity.

Our mission is to sample and analyse members’ produce and market it within a committed pool structure, as individual parcels or fixed tonnage contracts at the optimum price. We provide our members with up to date marketing information and our agent is always available to discuss the markets or pool positions. Our pools are paid out as sales income is generated which provides members with a more even cashflow.




Humber Grain offers pools to fit in with your marketing strategy. In addition to a main pool we will offer an early or late pool when required.

Retained Sale Option

Members may opt to keep 25% of their wheat out of the pool and sell this when they wish.

Fixed Tonnage Contracts

These are based on a minimum of 500t with either mid or late pool position paying out in April and July in each marketing year.


Humber Grain pays members in proportion to the amount of grain assigned to the pool as soon as it receives payment from its customers.


Marketing over 100,000 tonnes grain annually allows both competitive haulage rates and movement schedules which are convenient to the members.


Members may draw down an advance against committed pool tonnage in October each year. This is normally based on a maximum of 50% of the pool tonnage value. The balance is then usually paid from January to June allowing members to have an even cashflow. The cost of advances is based on the finance cost to the business.


Humber Grain owns two elevators based in Grimsby. This operation is run through a partnership with Freshney Cargo Services Ltd and we are able to load 6,000 tonne vessels.


No farmer wants to pay allowances and our stringent controls ensure that no erroneous charges are levied on our members.

Non-Member Trading

Humber Grain has a wholly owned subsidiary company, Humber Grain Services Ltd, which offers a competitive merchanting service encompassing the full range of commodities to non-members.


The Humber Grain Ltd is a farmer controlled business operating solely for the benefit of its members. The Board of Directors is chaired by an independent Director.


For more information on our services, please contact:

Philip Wynn (Chairman) - (01400) 273768


Kit Henson (Marketing Agent) - (01522) 811000